We are HISO Music, which stands for Higher Standard of Music. We are a company that offers services such as a Professional Audio Recording Studio, Broadcasting Network, Marketing, Videography, Record Label and so much more. We also have an entertainment company & record label that provides services for artists, producers, Bands, Dj's etc and many other businesses.


Founded in 2015, HISO Music started with humble beginnings and a dream. Ayo Abitogun began building his own career and while searching for professional members to add to his entertainment team he discovered others searching for music business success. Ayo wanted to create a company that helps others dreams come true and he did just that. The company started in a small apartment complex in Springfield, Illinois. They later made their first evolution when HISO moved into a small suite on Yale Boulevard with a few rooms that allowed for a recording studio, a lounge, office space, a videography studio and little storage space. This created an in-house space for everything an artist needed to get their career going. Fast forward four years and now this little company has blossomed into bigger location with numerous departments to be able to help more artists, bands, and other businesses pursue their dreams.