This allows you to package services from HISO Music and combine them for a cheaper more affordable fee. You can choose from any of these services.

  • 3hrs of recording, mixing and editing

  • 1 photoshoot

  • Advertisement on broadcast network for a month

  • Advertisement on social media for a month

  • 4hrs a month of videography for events or content building ( this does not include editing)

  • 1 flyer, logo, or graphic design a month

  • Create your own radio show or podcast that we advertise and promote on the HISO Broadcast Network

  • Get one leased Production beat or 2hrs with a producer

  • 2hrs with a producer

** Keep in mind after 6 months you can change your plan or you can have it discontinued **

Silver Plan

1 service a month for 6 months
Fee: $75 per month

Gold Plan

2 service a month for 6 months.
Fee: $130 per month

Diamond Plan

Our Diamond Plan includes all 8 services (or 2 services & a music video) for 6 months.
fee: $525 per month

Platinum Plan

4 service a month for 6 months.
Fee: $250 per month