HISO Music Recording Studio in Springfield IL is a professional audio recording studio that mixes, edits, and masters audio. Genres of every kind are welcome! We have a Live Room that can accommodate bands of all sizes.




Shawn “Push” Freligh

Push was born in Springfield Illinois and got his start recording local hip-hop artists. Now he’s broadening his horizons working with R&B,Reggae,and artist from different countries. Along with being a sound engineer,

Audio/production editing software:

  • Logic

  • FL Studio

  • Pro Tools

  • Ableton


Floating Equipment:

  • Akai Keyboard

  • Mapex drum set

  • Grand Piano

  • Acoustic guitars

  • Electric guitars


  • $30 an hour to record (does not include mixing and editing)

  • $35 an hour for Studio B (includes mixing and editing)

  • $50 an hour for Studio A (includes mixing and editing)

  • $55 per track to master audio (does not include recording, mixing and editing)

  • $240 per half day (4 hours) for Bands

  • $450 per full day (8 hours) for Bands